Hi! My name is Liz Stewart, and I’m a multipotentialite, artist, musician, educator, designer, copywriter, and more.

I completed my B.M. in Music Education at Mercyhurst University in 2005, and my M.S. in Arts Administration from Boston University in 2009 and an M.Ed. in Special Education at Slippery Rock University in May 2021.

To literally no one’s surprise, my CliftonStrengths profile places the “Learner” strength at the top of my list.

What have I been doing with my life and where do I see myself in ten years?

It’s… complicated.

I consider myself a multipotentialite, which means I have many interests, a multitude of experience, and a lot of potential. My background includes music, education, arts administration, marketing, social media, copywriting, editing/proofreading, event management, web design, graphic design, photography, customer service, instructional design, and more.

I love talking about neurodivergence, specifically ADHD and Autism, and the treatments/integrations thereof, and the acceptance of neurodiverse individuals, as well as disability liberation as a whole.

I’m excited by and obsessed with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work (and fascinated by the way the language changes so swiftly to include Belonging and/or Justice), and always want to make my work and my workplaces as accessible as possible.

I love to solve problems by observing what’s currently being done and finding what could be done better. I want to find the pain point and ask it “why?”.

I’d like to challenge you to not just look at my resume, my education, and my experience as separate, individual silos, but also consider what is possible when seeing the whole of who I am and what I can do. Because I’m a “Learner,” if I don’t know how to do something, I’ll figure out how, and quickly, because it matters to me.

I’ve got SO much to offer and a huge variety of skills that come in handy in many ways, and I’d love to work with you.

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