Mx is an emerging gender neutral honorific, typically used by those who identify outside the gender binary (male/female).

Someday, I may be Dr. Liz, but for now, let’s just stick with Mx.¬†

I typically reject such a binary, and enjoy the looks of consternation when using they/them as a singular pronoun (thanks, Merriam-Webster!), and by the way, APA does approve, but I also use Mx as an honorific that does not require me to divulge my marital status Рsomething that, at my age, can be construed as either positive or negative, depending on your stances.

Besides, Mrs/Ms/Miss Stewart all have too many S’s in a row!

Additionally, as someone working in public schools, I believe it’s important to let LGBTQIA+ students know that they are safe, they are cared for, and they are not alone. Identifying yourself as an adult who is safe to come out to or confide in (whether you are in the community or not!) makes a huge difference in the lives of these young people. Having just one supportive adult can decrease the chance of an LGBTQIA+ student acting on suicidal impulses by 40%. Forty percent. That’s massive.

If you are interested in more information about supporting LGBTQIA+ students (and teachers!!), feel free to check out these resources (as a start!):

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