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Mini.Mu – Music, Movement, and Coding (Part 1)

For years, I’ve been trying to entice myself to get through CS50, an intro-intro-intro-intro-to-Computer-Science course through Harvard University, but just when I get all excited about starting to settle in, something happens in my life and I need to shift my focus. So lately, one of the things I’ve been Read more…

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SRU Good News -11/1/2019

The other day, I walked into my work-study job at the library and was congratulated. That’s odd, I thought. “For what?” I asked. Turns out, the project I did at Reynolds Elementary with some of my classmates from SPED 430 with Dr. Lynch ended up being part of the good Read more…

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Moniteau Marching Band 2019

This was my fourth year working with Will Weltman and the Moniteau Marching Band. We’ve recently closed our season, the final football game being on October 25, 2019. We still have a parade for Veteran’s Day, and the band is headed to Florida right after Thanksgiving, but we are, essentially, Read more…

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